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Recording Memories Should Be Easy

Memory books are thoughtful and precious and the perfect family heirloom. But they're also hard to complete. It's a daunting task, looking at all those blank pages. What should be a fun experience somehow feels like a chore. We always felt there had to be a better method... how can you share your memories without that overwhelming feeling of having to hand write an entire book? Here at Generational, we have a new way.

With Generational, you don't have to wonder what to write about - we help you out with that. Our digital memory book will give you specific and pointed prompts to answer, so you'll spend less time worrying about what to write and more time writing. Skip the prompts you don't care about. Write as much as you want about the ones you do. No more pesky blank pages, no more running out of room, no more prompts that don't apply to you. It seems obvious that this is how your memory book should be: yours.

Add family or friends to your book if you want some help on the prompts. (After all, the best stories are collaborative!) When your story is complete, print it at home, only paying for the pages and prompts you've completed. Print as many versions or times as you want, personalizing depending on who its for. With Generational, your book is exactly as you decide it is. A memory book shouldn't be one size fits all, because your story is yours alone.

Example Prompts


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